Fellowship of Reconciliation condemns Russian invasion of Ukraine

FOR activists at a protest against the DSEI arms fair in London

Christian peace-making charity, The Fellowship of Reconciliation, has condemned the Russian declaration of war against the Ukraine. We urge politicians on all sides to take action for a peaceful resolution of this situation and for Christians to speak out, to pray regularly for peace and to support any humanitarian calls for help. 

John Cooper, FoR Director said:

"Events culminating in the invasion have undone decades of negotiations towards peace and democracy in the Ukraine and the wider European Region. We endorse the call from Pacifists in the Ukraine to get all parties back round the negotiating table and to ensure the foundations for true lasting security are laid.

While politicians must pursue a peaceful resolution to this conflict, we cannot ignore the many civilians at risk from warfare. We urge all nations to offer sanctuary to those who flee for their own safety and highlight calls for human rights observers to ensure any abuses carried out in war do not go unpunished.

 Our members will be praying for peace. We will uphold politicians and remember all conscientious objectors to conscription in Russia and Ukraine.“

The Fellowship calls on all people of faith to commit themselves to prayer and action for peace. We believe that peace in the region is still possible and paths towards reconciliation can and must be found.

The Fellowship will be holding a zoom meeting of prayers for peace at 7.30pm on Friday 25th February and every Friday evening thereafter, until the fighting stops. All are invited and registration is via https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcldu2oqz4sGtQ3XaTG26R_aW9D6dj9MEcB

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