UK: Palestine Action shutdown Elbit factory

Four people stand on the roof of a metal building behind a fence. They are wearing red and holding a palestine flag. The building has red paint on it.

Activists from the UK group Plaestine Action have shut down a factory run by Israeli arms company Elbit, in solidarity with Palestinians. The group scaled the fence and roof of the UAV Tactical Systems factory in Leicester on Wednesday 19th June and occupied the roof of the site for six days by the time of writing, stopping work at the factory. The activists hung banners, sprayed red paint, and took photos from inside the factory showing the construction of military drones.

This is the first time Palestine Action have struck at Elbit’s Leicester site. The site, run by Elbit-Thales joint venture UAV Tactical Systems, manufactures the Hermes drones used extensively by the Israeli Defence Force. Parts for the drone are made in Britain and used for repression in Gaza, Colombia, Azerbaijan and elsewhere. The site also produces the Watchkeeper drones used by the UK Military and Border force.

The Fire Brigade were called by the police to help remove the protesters from the site, but members of the Fire Brigades Union - after assessing the situation - reminded superiors their role "didn't involve law enforcement" and that they stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine.


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