Solidarity action by Ukrainian pacifists for conscientious objectors in Turkey

Ukrainian Pacifist Movement activists in front of the Turkish Embassy in Kiev

On Monday (12th July), Ukrainian Pacifist Movement organised a protest near Turkish embassy in Kyiv in support of conscientious objectors in Turkey. In their statement, they said “Turkey does not recognize human right to conscientious objection, enforce conscription with outrageous cruelty and severely punish objectors, imposing fines and imprisonment for so-called desertion, excluding pacifists from social life to a degree of "civil death," closing their bank accounts, depriving them of access to public services.” 

Condemning the Turkish government for continuing to persecute conscientious objectors, activists called on Turkey to “respect the human right to refuse to kill” and recognise the right to conscientious objection. 

You can follow more updates from the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement here.

Read here a recent publication on conscientious objection to military service in Turkey, co-published by WRI, Connection e.V., and Union Pacifiste de France. 


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