Report: use of Belgian weapons in Yemen

A man stands next to a number of weapons

A new report by the Belgian organisation Vredesactie has documented a wide range of Belgian weapons and ammunition used by the Saudi National Guard in a military operation in Yemen. The report uses photos, videos, and reconstructured events and verified locations to analyse the use of Belgian weapons by the Saudi National Guard, and Yemeni groups it arms and supports. The report documents weapons produced by FN Herstal, MECAR and MBDA.

Saudi Arabia is the most important customer of Belgian weapons. In the last 30 years about a third of Belgian arms exports went to Saudi Arabia. These exports have been contested in court, and the Council of State has now suspended all arms exports destined to Saudi military units active in the war in Yemen. The court order didn't apply to the Saudi National Guard because the court didn't believe they were operating inside Yemen - the report published by Vredesactie shows this to be false.

The full report can be found online, here:


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