Broken Rifles for #WRI100


A broken rifle with WRI100 and the WRI declaration

From 23rd to 25th March 2021 we are marking WRI's 100th anniversary. One of the ways we want to do that is by sharing some of the different versions of the iconic Broken Rifle logo that has been both WRI's logo for many years, and used across the peace movement, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere. You can find some versions and images of the broken rifle below - but feel free to use your own, or make a new one! You may want to include some information about WRI's history, or your organisations links to the international network. Please use the #WRI100 and tag the WRI social media accounts so we can share others posts.

We have had a kind offer from an individual donor, who will match up to £5,000 of donations from others - so by supporting War Resisters' International today your donation is worth double!