How you can help us resist war and its causes

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2020 have reminded us how dangerous and volatile our militarised world can be, and how much we need strong, effective antimilitarist movements, and now more than ever! War Resisters' International is committed to resisting war and its causes, and we've got big plans for the rest of 2020.

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We hope to:

  • continue to develop our online resources, like Empowering Nonviolence,, and the Broken Rifle,
  • host a seminar(s) for activists countering police militarisation,
  • publish our key resource - Conscientious Objection: a companion for movements - in Spanish, as well as a new series of booklets focused on resisting youth militarisation,
  • make exciting plans for our 100th anniversary in 2021!

WRI assembly photo from 1930s and 2019

The image above shows two WRI meetings - one in the 1930's, and one from our international meeting in Colombia in 2019. We have been resisting war and its causes for decades!

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Thank you for helping us to sustain our work!

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