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We are excited to be preparing for WRI’s 100th anniversary! As part of it, we are working on a number of events and activities (online for now) to mark this important date. 

But just as important are plans to hold a number of autonomous local events throughout the year. Our network’s involvement in WRI’s 100th anniversary is vital. We believe, the local events would reflect the diversity and scope of our network at its best. In order to achieve this, we would need your support and involvement. 

Below are a number of ways you can get involved and celebrate WRI's centenary with your autonomous local events.

Email if you would like more information with the title 'WRI100 Local Events'

Examples of WRI100 events / What can you do?

We are aware most of you are working with limited capacity and already have a busy schedule for the next year. We are hoping the ideas below might help to give you a better idea of how you can get involved.

Please note, we are not expecting history-focused events (unless you would prefer to do), but events/actions focusing on our campaigning today. Also, you might already have activities planned for next year and you might consider linking them with WRI100. Here are possible activities you might consider:

  • Organise a seminar, public forum or webinar on different militarist issues: Inform the public about your activism, key issues to focus, and encourage more people to take action against militarisation. WRI office might be able to help you find speakers. Also for webinars, WRI office can assist you technically and provide necessary tools for it.
  • Nonviolent direct actions: Organise an action at one of the pillars that sustains militarism / one of the actors in the war machine. For example targeting an arms company, military recruitment centres, military bases, arms fairs
  • Organise a photo exhibition in your area of anti-militarist resistance: past and present. WRI office is working on an exhibition at the moment which we are hoping to make it available in early 2021.
  • Organise a film screening and discussion on the “war machine” and how our governments and companies are complicit - come up with a list of films and sympathetic directors who would support WRI100
  • Organise a strategy workshop on “How to campaign against militarism in 2021” - We could provide ideas of a strategy workshop plan / tools groups can use
  • Organise a direct action training on how to resist militarism
  • Online action: Post on social media with the hashtags #WRI100 or #IRG100 and share from your campaigns linking to WRI100 (or relevant updates from your countries) and spread your word and resistance.
  • Celebrate your previous work: Organise a celebration gathering to celebrate 100 years of international anti-war resistance and everything your group has done. Tell us about your work, and we can post it on our website, and on social media. 
  • Publish articles and interviews about militarisation and/or resistance to it in your country, inform others and help us expand our international solidarity.

Not sure what to do? Get in touch with us! We can discuss action ideas with you, or put you in touch with others in your country who are already planning something.

What can WRI office to do support?

  • Offer a speaker for an online or physical event
  • Using WRI zoom account for your webinars
  • Help with translation and possibly interpretation
  • Link you up with other WRI groups organising similar activities
  • Send you printed material (including WRI flyers)
  • Provide access to an online timeline and exhibition of WRI history

What does it mean to organise a ‘WRI100’ event?

In your events, we would be glad if you:

  • Use the WRI100 logo (which we will share with you later this year) in your publicity and communications.
  • Make a mention of WRI and its 100th anniversary as well as your affiliation with our international network.
  • And make WRI co-host for your events on social media, as well as using the hashtags #WRI100 and #IRG100

Email if you would like more information.

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