Call for articles: Militarised video games

video games booklet call out poster saying 'militarisation of video games' on it

We are asking for your contributions for our new booklet on understanding the militarised video games industry and how to counter this narrative.  The booklet will be focusing on the themes:

  • What is the impact of militarised video games on society?

  • The link between video games and militarism

  • How can we counter the militarised narrative promoted by the video games industry?

We think this is an important area that needs to be examined, as violence promoted by means of popular culture is one of the key ways militaristic narrative is normalised in society. The video games industry is increasingly becoming part of this. Once we understand it, we will all be better at countering this narrative.

We would like your input:

  • Your views of militarisation of video games - the impact having in your own country, yourself and/or on your work.

  • The actions you have undertaken and the wins you have had in this area

  • Any other insights or comments you may have

This could be through your personal experience or your activist work in the field. 

Please drop us an email via and We are expecting your pieces to be between 800-1200 words the latest by 28th February. If you'd like to contribute in a different format or if you have any questions please contact us by the emails above.

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