The Broken Rifle 112: Women, gender and antimilitarism

The WRI logo on a teal background

The most recent edition of The Broken Rifle magazine was published in mid-May, and explores the intersections between women, gender and antimilitarism, with reflections on how important feminist and women's struggle are in the analysis of all social movements.

This issue includes a brief reconstruction of the history of the WRI's Women's Working Group along with reflections from some of its members, an article written by Cynthia Cockburn in 2010 on nuclear weapons, and a statement from a woman conscientious objector. There are a number of articles that make an analysis of the relationship between hegemonic feminities, masculinities and militarism, as well as the relationship between antimilitarism and the role of women and their campaigns within our movements. You will also find a summary of research on violence against women by the army and the police in Colombia, an article that gathers the lessons of the trans ban in the US, a critique of the policies of guerrilla movements where women participate and finally a recent article, first published by WILPF, that from a feminist perspective reflects and invites us to resist the militaristic discourse when speaking of COVID-19.

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