XR Peace blockades BAE Systems offices in London

A number of people lie on the ground outside an office door. In the background there is a security guard stood still.
XRPeace block the entrance way to BAE Systems' offices in London

Six members of the XR Peace affinity group - part of the Extinction Rebellion protest - were arrested on Monday 14th October after blockading the entrance to BAE Systems central London offices. The group were protesting against the company profiting from the construction of the British nuclear weapons, the sale of fighter jets and other arms to Turkey and to Saudi Arabia - making the links between the arms trade and the climate emergency. BAE Systems is the UK's biggest arms company.

Dr. Diana Warner, a GP from Bristol said: “I’m here with the XR peace group because war and weapons do not work for peace, they add to greenhouse gas emissions, suffering and death. British arms industries are fuelling war and can potentially drag us into conflicts we don’t want to join. My work is to promote health and this action is entirely consistent with that. I have now retired in order to take part full time with Extinction Rebellion with the aim being to prevent climate catastrophe and save lives.”

Sylvia Boyes, 75, a Quaker from Keighly said: “We are calling on the government to stop illegal arms sales to Saudi Arabia because the weapons are being used in clear violation of international humanitarian law in the war on Yemen. BAE Systems profits from death and destruction."

The six are arrested under Section 69 of the Criminal Justice Act, and for aggravated trespass. XR Peace is a coalition of organisations for peace and justice joining the Extinction Rebellion protests in London. The group originally blockaded the Ministry of Defence with a mock nuclear missile.


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