Protesters take action against DSEI Japan

A large group of people take part in a die-in
A die-in held outside DSEI Japan

A new arms fair taking place in Japan has been met by protests from peace groups. The fair, called DSEI Japan, was held in Chiba City, near Tokyo, from the 18th to the 20th November. The organisers described the event as "first fully integrated defence event to be held in Japan", as well as being the first "DSEI" branded event to be held outside London. The London DSEI event is held every two years and is one of the world's largest arms fairs. 62 Japanese companies and 93 foreign companies took part, exhibiting a wide range of military equipment including "Ground Self-Defense Force Type 10 tank and Type 16 maneuver combat vehicle, military transport aircraft and flying rescue boat models, long-lasting preserved foods, outdoor bath sets and other equipment."

Protesters held a large rally and die-in outside the gates of the event, organised by the "mothers group against the security bill and over 400 people participating. Arms trade events like DSEI Japan were banned by Japan's constitution until a few years ago, when a change made by the Abe government allowed the sale and transfer of arms and weapon technology.


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