New guide: Tips and tricks for researching the arms industry

Three activists dressed in white overalls lie in a pool of fake blood. Behind them stand two more activists holding a banner reading "no money for arms dealers"

The arms industry is a shady business: Transparency is often curtailed by the ‘veil of national security’. Governments are often unwilling to reveal any information and arms lobbyists love to operate in the shadows. However, as a multi-billion dollar industry, the arms industry leaves traces and campaigners, demanding more transparency, have successfully exposed some of its secrets. Research can play an important role in campaigning against the arms trade by putting the spotlight on this controversial trade and supporting grassroots groups in taking action.

Working with our friends at Vredesactie, WRI has recently published a new guide to support grassroots activists to research the arms industry in their country. The guide explores where to access accurate and up to date information on arms companies and lobby organisations.

You can access the guide on our Empowering Nonviolence website here:

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