FINLAND: Government considers civilian service for women

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Finnish government has made a proposal that involves introducing civilian service for women. Although, some options will be evaluated by a parliamentary working group, a decision might not be taken until the next parliament in four years.

The Ministry of Defence proposal includes a period of up to three months of civilian service for women in roles which, according to the minister, should add value to society and women who take part in it.

Currently, military service, or civilian service for conscientious objectors, is only compulsory for men after the age of 18. Women can be part of military conscription on a voluntary basis.

Sources: News Now Finland, Government considering civilian service for women, 17 June 2019; Yle Uutiset, Monday's papers: Civilian service for women, cracking down on strikes, rare Midsummer heat treat, 17 June 2019.

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