Activists at Marseille-Fos port stop second arms shipment to Saudi Arabia

A large container ship on out at sea.
The Bahri Tabuk ship. Photo: wikipedia

Dockworkers in France have blocked a shipment of ammunition onto a ship destined for Saudi Arabia. Members of the CGT union working at the Marseille-Fos port said they would remain “faithful to their history and values of peace” as they refused to load the ammunition onto the Bahri Tabuk. The whistleblowing organisation Disclose tweeted that the shipment was not going to be loaded and had been moved to an undisclosed location:

According to Amnesty International, the ship was originally travelling from Canada and is carrying armoured vehicles, and that there was a serious risk that the weapons onboard would be used to commit war crimes in Yemen.

Last week, another Saudi vessel left the same port without a shipment of Caesar cannons – despte the shipment being unsuccessfully challenged in the courts. The same ship was also protested when it arrived in Italy, when dockworkers in Genoa refused to load generators.




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