Welcome to Natalia!


We are very glad to welcome Natalia García Cortés to the WRI staff team. Natalia will be working for WRI from Bogota, Colombia. Natalia says:

I’m Natalia and I’m from Colombia. I’m a sociologist and currently I’m finishing my postgraduate in Gender and Feminist Studies at the National University of Colombia. I’ve been involved in the feminist movement since 2013 specially at the universities, developing activities for the International Women’s Day, against sexual harassment in universities and violence against women. Also, in 2015 I was a volunteer in the UK working with people with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Recently my feminist activism has been focused in working with women in their neighbourhoods. This year I facilitated a workshop for women, who work voluntarily in their neighbourhoods, about Women’s Rights and political organization among women. Also, in recent months other colleagues and worked together with the Feminicide Observatory in Colombia to track trough local press the cases of feminicide in the city of Bogotá and its surrounding municipalities.

From mid-September I started working with WRI as the Right to Refuse to Kill Programme Worker. My activism has been characterized by a constant search for mechanisms, practices, experiences and knowledge that help me (and others) find ways to strive against any kinds of violence, discrimination and militarization of life so I’m looking forward to learning from and working with WRI and its network.

Welcome Natalia!

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