A new report on how the Israeli military tested new equipment on the Great March of Return

A Lab and A Showroom report cover page

A new report called “A Lab and A Showroom” exposes how the extreme violence used by the Israeli military against Palestinian protesters supports the development and sale of military equipment by Israeli arms companies.

In March, April and May 2018, thousands of people in Gaza took part in mass demonstrations against the ongoing land, sea, and air blockade that has been maintained by Israel and Egypt since 2007. The response of the Israeli military was brutal and violent – over a hundred people were killed, and many thousands injured by live fire, rubber bullets, and tear gas.

A Lab and A Showroompublished by Hamushim -a project by Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP)-, explains how this violent response "also provided the military with a platform to introduce and showcase the use of drones as the strategic choice of the present and future.”

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