David McReynolds: 1929-2018

David McReynolds on the left side of the photo, wearing glasses, looking at a cat sat on the right.
David McReynolds. Photo Credit: Ed Hedemann, WRL

Last week, we were sad to learn of the death of David McReynolds, the chairperson of War Resisters' International between 1986-1988. David was a life long pacifist organiser and activist from the USA who worked for our affiliate War Resisters League for over 40 years.  In 1965, David burned his draft card in a Times Square in and played a key role in some of major demonstrations against the Vietnam War and campaign for nuclear disarmament in the USA. David was also a committed socialist, a photographer, and out gay man since before 1969, who ran for the US presidency twice - in 1980 and 2000. As our affiliate War Resisters League said in their statement, David "will be remembered for living radical pacifism."

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