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PeaceMOMO: a peace education project in South Korea

Members of the WRI network have been working against the militarisation of youth for many years, including through peace education programmes, through counter-recruitment against direct calls to join the military, and on a political level against the civic initiatives that allow the military access to young people. We now support them through our Countering the Militarisation of Youth programme.

Are you developing a peace education initiative in your area? Have you studied how young people in your country learn about war in relation to their class, gender or ethnic status? Are you a member of a veterans for peace group who wants to share the ways in which you were initially attracted by army life? If you'd like to share your thoughts or experiences in the form of an article for the next edition of The Broken Rifle on these topics, please write to with the subject 'TBR 110'. We will be looking for pieces of 800-1200 words by the end of May, accompanied by one or two photos if you can. Thank you.

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