ABP, Netherland's largest pension provider, ends investment in nuclear weapons

ABP has divested from nuclear weapons

ABP – Netherland's largest pension provider – has decided to end it's it's investments in companies that produce nuclear weapons, as well as investments in the tobacco industry. The company will sell and €3.3bn of tobacco and nuclear industry holdings in the next year.

The decision is a success for PAX, who said ABP had “finally made the right decision” after campaigning for the change in policy towards nuclear weapons for many years. Susi Snyder, PAX nuclear disarmament program leader said “After years of campaigning by PAX against the ABP’s unacceptable investments in nuclear weapon producers, the pension fund has now realized these are not acceptable investments.” 

ABP is the pension fund for Dutch civil servants, including teachers, public servants, police officers, and politicians, with over 2.9 million customers. PAX said that the decision by the United Nations to adopt the international treaty banning nuclear weapons was instrumental in ABP's decision to end their investment in companies producing nuclear weapons.

More information - including a database on companies investing in nuclear weapons around the world - is available on the Don't Bank on the Bomb website: https://www.dontbankonthebomb.com/largest-dutch-pension-fund-to-divest-from-nuclear-weapons/

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