WRI Council to protest the London arms fair!

Stop the Arms Fair activists after being found 'not guilty' last year
WRI Council to protest the London arms fair!

This year's WRI Council meeting will take place in London in September, coinciding with DSEI - Defence & Security Equipment International - the biggest arms fair in the world. We will take part in actions before and after Council to disrupt the fair.

UK activists: see how you can help international activists to stop DSEI!

The schedule for our events is as follows:

Please check back at the event page for more information.

We're planning the events with Campaign Against Arms Trade, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Peace Pledge Union,  and Trident Ploughshares - some of our UK-based affiliates.

The arms trade is international but so is our resistance!

#warstartshere #stopDSEI

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