Prepare for Prisoners for Peace Day

Several people holding a 'War Resisters' International' banner, and handing out leaflets, outside a building
'Refuse to occupy' – a day of action in support of imprisoned COs in Israel, calling on the international community not to support the Israeli military occupation militarily, as COs refuse to support it with their labour. Prisoners for Peace Day, 2016

We're coming up to Prisoners for Peace day, held on 1st December. For over sixty years on this day we've been sharing stories and contacts details of those imprisoned for their work for peace, including conscientious objectors.

Find a list here (this list may be updated before 1st December).

Action ideas

  • Set aside time on 1st December to write to those imprisoned for their peace work, and get your friends, peace group, student, faith or community group to organise a card-writing session;
  • Get postcards made up, leaving space for individual messages of support, and set up a street stall around Prisoners for Peace day;
  • Use #PfPday17 on social media to invite others to write to those in jail.

For the most up to date Prisoners for Peace list go to, our standing list of those in jail.

If you have details of other prisoners for peace not yet listed, please write to hannah [at]

Programmes & Projects

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