New Worlds in Old Shells: call for submissions


When we think of social change, we often think of protests, campaigns, and direct action. These are all vital ways to say “no!” to destructive practices and institutions. However, it's equally important that we are building concrete alternatives, where we say “yes!” to the vision of the world we want. Built on the same power analysis as our nonviolent direct action, “constructive programmes” can be powerful acts of resistance. Constructive programmes demonstrate the radical alternatives – to militarism and the causes of climate change, for example – that our world desperately needs, and puts them into practise in the here and now.

WRI's Nonviolence Programme is working on a new publication, called New Worlds in Old Shells. There is currently a call from submissions from grassroots groups engaged in some form of constructive resistance. Email or see /call-for-submissions-new-worlds-in-old-shells for more information.

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