Militarism: what is it good for? Call out for contributions to The Broken Rifle 109

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Photo: Alyson Hewett.

Militarism: what is it good for?

Absolutely nothing, apart from killing people and animals; damaging the environment; driving nationalism and the idea of an 'enemy'; increasing incidences of sexual violence against women; taking people away from
socially productive industries and into the war machine; reinforcing patriarchy and a binary concept of gender; making some people very rich; making other institutions - like the police and border forces - more violent; destroying infrastructure; creating mental ill-health in those who are trained to kill; driving people out of their homes in situations of war...

We could go on.

In the forthcoming edition of The Broken Rifle, we want to go back to the foundations of why pacifists consider war to be a crime against humanity, and are striving for the transformation of militarised societies. We're going to include stories of militarism and war as they are happening now, and ask what it is like to live with its effects in a community. But, we don't just want to focus on the problem! We'd also like to hear about the resistance that is we know is taking place in these contexts!

If you'd like to contribute a story, write to us at We need stories of 800-1200 words, with pictures, by 6th December.

Thank you!

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