ISRAEL: Refusers Tamar Ze'evi, Tamar Alon and Jalaa Zaher released, Atalia Ben-Abba imprisoned again


Israeli conscientious objectors Tamar Alon and Tamar Ze'evi, who declared their refusal to serve in the IDF and take part in the occupation on 16th November 2016, were freed after each spending more than 100 days behind bars. Tamar Ze'evi, who stayed in prison 115 days in total, has had her objection to military service recognised, and has been granted CO status as a political refuser. This has been the first time in 13 years that the Israeli military has granted CO status to a political refuser. Ze'evi was released on 23rd March. Following

Following Ze'evi's release, Tamar Alon was freed on 5th April, after serving 130 days in military prison. In her hearing on 2nd April, the committee voted not to exempt Alon from military service and release her. However, a few days later a higher ranking officer ordered her release on the grounds of “incompatibility and especially bad behaviour” — as is customary in the Israeli military following a lengthy imprisonment.

Another conscientious objector, Jalaa Zaher, a 19 year old from Issifyah village, also received an exemption from military service. Zaher, who first refused a year ago and spent more than 80 days behind bars in four consecutive terms, received an exemption from military service and was released on 5th March.

On the other hand, Atalia Ben-Abba, another CO refusing to serve in the IDF on the same grounds with Tamar Alon and Tamar Ze'evi, has been imprisoned again. This is Atalia's third imprisonment, by the end of which she will have completed 80 days in total behind bars.

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