VENEZUELA: NGOs appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice to remove the obligation to enrol on the Military Register


On July 13, 2016, non-governmental organisations in Venezuela filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice for the partial annulment of the Law of Registration and Enlistment for the Integral Defence of the Nation, which establishes an obligation to enroll on the Military Register, on grounds of unconstitutionality.

The judicial action sought to reverse the unconstitutional ramifications of the law, which limits Venezuelans' right to free self-development, equality before the law and freedom of conscience and association, as well as affecting rights to work and education.

For these organisations, the penalties for and consequences of non-registration violate articles 20, 21, 52, 61, 87, 102 and 134 of the Constitution; articles 18 and 22 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; articles 18 and 20 of the Univeral Declaration of Human Rights and article 22 of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man.

The organisations that signed the appeal are: the Venezuelan Programme for Education and Action on Human Rights (PROVEA), Peace Laboratory (LABPAZ), the Justice and Peace Centre (CEPAZ), Civilis Human Rights (CIVILIS), Public Space (EP) and the Centre for Human Rights at Andrés Bello Catholic University (CDH-UCAB).

Source:, ONGs solicitan al TSJ que Registro Militar deje de ser obligatorio, 13 July 2016.


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