'Breaking Ranks': new Latin American antimilitarist magazine launched!


Rompiendo Filas ('breaking ranks')is a 'call to action', and also the name of the publication launched by the Latin American Antimilitarist Network this month. The publication will come out every six months and it comes with articles, essays, interviews, andstories that reflect the daily experiences and common areas of resistance to militarism in the region. You can download it as a PDF from the www.ramalc.org website and get it in print from local RAMALC member groups. RAMALC is formed by individuals and antimilitarist groups who agree that the resistance to militarism must be civil, not promoting any kind of military activity. RAMALC is a network that promotes - through gatherings and nonviolence training - antimilitarism in our society, questioning the military structures and all practices of domination.



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