Kill the war, not the pacifists


The Limousin group of Union Pacifiste, a member of the French section of War Resisters' International, learn with huge pain of the attack against our old friends of Charlie Hebdo, which killed twelve people, including the well known cartoonists and journalists Cabu, Wolinski, Charb, Tignous and Bernard Maris. The souls of these pacifists expressed themselves through pencil and pen, struggling and denouncing all kinds of recruitment by religious, societal or economic fanaticisms. Weapons ended their lives.

When spirit, heart, intelligence and humour leave the human being, it is violence that enters the scene. This violence is, of course, found in assassins, but it is also found in this militarized society, which manufactures war here for export over the whole world, in order to protect, hypocritically, the interests of French arms dealers, under the guise of patriotic values.

The religion of patriotism requires even more human sacrifices. Militarists express their stupidity, claiming they can protect the civilian population. They go on parade (Vigipirate plan, nuclear aircraft carrier, aso) but are only looking to be cleared of guilt for the murder of Rémi Fraysse [a young botanist killed on October 23 by armed forces at Sivens, project of dam in Tarn]. The politicians come like vultures to capture the emotions around the blood of our friends. This mature odour of the sacred union against scapegoats makes us vomit.

It is time to disarm unilaterally, to disarm yourself, to exercise our right to refuse to kill. As MK Gandhi said: “violence is never the solution, but the problem.”

The voice of pacifists will never shut up. It will inescapably cover the voices of militarist crusaders, flunkeys of all religious and nationalist institutions.

Union pacifiste, group of Limousin, January 7-2015

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