Annual Meeting of the European Network Against Arms Trade to take place in the Czech Republic


From 15th to 17th of May, the European Network Against the Arms Trade (ENAAT) will meet in Brno, Czech Republic. The aim of the meeting, organised by local ENAAT member NESEHNUTÍ, is not only to discuss current trends in the European arms trade, but also to strengthen cooperation among the members in campaigns against arms exports. These exports are fuelling armed conflicts in many parts of the world, and are helping various dictators and repressive regimes to suppress their own populations. Public pressure on European governments, responsible for granting arms trade export licences, is therefore more than needed.

A few days after the ENAAT meeting, the 'International Trade Fair of Defence and Security Technologies' (IDET) arms fair will take place in Brno. NESEHNUTÍ is already preparing protests and direct actions against the arms fair, alongside local affinity groups like 'Food Not Bombs' and also with participants of the ENAAT meeting. For more information, see: and


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