Register to come to Cape Town: WRI's first International Conference in Africa


Registration is open for the War Resisters' International Conference, co-hosted by Ceasefire Campaign, taking place from 4 – 8 July 2014, Cape Town, South Africa: /seminars/registrations/southafrica2014 

Please register by 30 May.

Cape Town City Hall

On 11 February 1990, only hours after his release from Robben Island, Nelson Mandela made his first public speech after leaving prison from the balcony of the City Hall in Cape Town.

This July, the same venue plays host to an International Conference that will bring together over 200 grassroots nonviolent activists from Asia, Latin America, Oceania and the Pacific, North America and Europe – and particularly from Africa.

An International Conference

War Resisters' International is an international antimilitarist and pacifist network. We hold International Conferences every four years. This is WRI's first International Conference on the African continent.

On our conference's opening night, we'll be joined by our speakers

Plus a special message from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The Continuum of Nonviolence

All forms of violence are interconnected – from intimate partner violence, urban violence and transphobic attacks in schools, through to political repression of poor communities, resource extraction from indigenous land, corporate economic exploitation - and war.

Feminism gave birth to the phrase the ‘continuum of violence’ to describe this spectrum.

Movements for peace and liberation face the challenge of producing nonviolent responses all along this continuum.

Resisting the spectrum of violence, and building more connected spectrums of nonviolence, are the themes of our conference.

In July we will be given the chance to learn from one another, be inspired by the tactics of other movements, and together forge new connections of working together

Join us!

You can register here: /seminars/registrations/southafrica2014

Please register by 30 May.

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