100 issues of The Broken Rifle! In March 1986 WRI published the first ever The Broken Rifle (see number one here). This issues says: "This is a pilot edition of a new publication from War Resisters' International. We plan to produce it every two months". This newsletter started first as a news-sheet of no more than two A4 sides, covering stories from the WRI network, and through the years it has developed into WRI's main regular publication.

To celebrate the 100th edition, we have selected a series of articles from past issues that highlight some important moments, as well as covering some of the main areas of WRI's work. At the same time we have chosen some articles that show some of the processes WRI has gone through: in the early issues you will see a strong focus on conscientious objection - which remains a central aspect of WRI's work - but since 1986 many countries, particularly in Europe, have abolished conscription. As a consequence of this, we needed to look at other forms the military recruits, which is what WRI's Countering the Militarisation of Youth project is addressing.  Gender awareness has always been a key element of WRI's  analysis and practice. Throughout the years the Women's Working Group provided a safe space for women to share experiences and push WRI to always keep a gender lens. The formation of a Queer Working Group shows how our analysis and practices is now also challenging a binary interpretation of gender.

WRI's commitment to nonviolence is present in many articles in these 100 issues. Our principles of nonviolence in many ways remain the same, seeing nonviolence not just as a tool you can choose from time to time when it is appropriate, but as a principle that goes hand in hand with our statement of refusing all wars. Since 1986, WRI's capacity to support groups taking on nonviolent action has grown, thanks to the Nonviolence Programme, but also thanks to more and more members committed to nonviolent action. The second edition of WRI's Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns reflect these learning and rich experiences of the network.

We open this 100th issue with an article by WRI's newly elected chairperson, Christine Schweitzer, who reflects on the changing nature of war and the strategies to counter it. In Christine's own words: "We speak today of other kinds of war also. We speak of a war of the rich against the poor, of white against black, of war against the environment, war against women and LGBTQ people, war against non-human life, etc. War does not only take place when an army marches against another one (or when a drone directed from a comfortable position thousands of km away is murdering people). War is there wherever violence is used to suppress legitimate interests, or where structural violence dominates."

As we look back on our 100 issues, this is a time to celebrate WRI's commitment to long lasting radical change. Even when change comes, WRI will continue publishing The Broken Rifle.

Javier Gárate

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