9 December 2014: Solidarity with Haluk Selam Tufanlı: events in Athens, Istanbul, Nicossia, London


Conscientious objector Haluk Selam Tufanlı has been imprisoned in northern Cyprus for refusing to undertake reserve military service. International actions were held on Tuesday 9th December 2014, in Athens, Istanbul, Nicossia and London.


You can also protest in writing to the authorities in Northern Cyprus. Find all the details here (including an email alert): NORTHERN CYPRUS: Haluk Selam Tufanlı imprisoned

In Cyprus, in a parallel marches starting from Eletherias Square in the south and Kuğulu Park in the north, protesters chanted in solidarity with the imprisoned Haluk Selam Tufanlı and conscientious objectors worldwide. Both groups marched towards the Ledras/Lokmacı crossing point where strong United Nations presence tried to stop the peace activist from meeting and eject them from the buffer zone citing their international peacekeeping mandate. Nevertheless the protesters held their in the middle of the crossing point for about an hour. Info from: http://www.35-33.com/cypriots-march-in-solidarity-with-conscientious-objectors/#sthash.33wJV3Ss.dpuf

In Athens, the police blocked the protester's way to the Turkish embassy and didnt allow us to approach the building. Although we were only few people, they brought a police bus with 20 riot policemen and stopped the traffic and didnt allow us to continue. 

In London, there was a lunchtime vigil outside the Office of the Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We gave out leaflets and tried to deliver a letter, which they refused, so we put it through the door.

See photos from all the actions here.

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