Many people were involved in making this book. In addition to all the article contributors and translators, and the Countering the Militarisation of Youth conference interviewees, thanks to:

Mitzi Bales, for all the help with the editing

Michael Schulze von Glaßer, for conducting and transcribing the Darmstadt interviews; Benno Malte Fuchs and Ralf Willinger for helping to conduct them; Natalia Pita Álvarez for doing the Spanish interpreting; and Paul Rankin, Rebecca House, Achim Schmitz, and Richard Meakin for translating the Spanish and German transcripts into English.

Sahar Vardi, for initiating - and helping to revise, distribute, and analyse - the survey; Hannah Brock and Ranaan Forshner for analysing the rest; Matias Mulet Truyols for translating it into Spanish; and the survey respondents* Kai-Uwe Dosch (Bund für Soziale Verteidigung, Germany), Oskar Castro, Joe Moore, Subhash Kattel (Alternatives to Violence Project, Nepal), Sahar Vardi, Shahaf Weisbein (New Profile, Israel), Eleni V, Angelos Nikolopoulos (Association of Greek COs), Union pacifiste de France, Conscientious Objectors of Tarn (France), Hawi Rapudo (Usalama Reforms Forum) and Dola Nicholas Oluoch (Chemchemi Ya Ukweli, Kenya), Alena Karaliova (Citizen.Army.Law, Russia), Sergey Krivenko, Jean De Wandelaer and Cecilia Moretti, Will McCallum and David Gee (ForcesWatch, UK), Stefan Dietiker (Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee) and Piet Dörflinger (, Switzerland), Kolectivo Antimilitarista Medellín and Acción Colectiva de Objetores y Objetoras de Conciencia (Colombia), World Without War (South Korea), Ellen Elster (Folkereisning Mot Krig, Norway), Vidal Acevedo (Servicio Paz y Justicia, Paraguay), Xavier Leon Vega (Grupo de Objeción de Conciencia Ecuador), Julene Eiguren Gandarias (Alternativa Antimilitarista MOC, Basque Country), Carlos Barranco, Roel Stynen (Vredesactie) and Ludo De Brabander (Vrede, Belgium), Sheehan Moore, Amine Ay, Hechem El Jed, Remígio and Ivo Chilaule, Paavo Kolttola, Juho Narsakka (Aseistakieltäytyjäliitto, Finland), Ofog (Sweden), Javiera Rosa, Serge Vandenberghe, Laura Pollecutt and Rob Thomson (Ceasefire Campaign, South Africa), Boro Kitanoski (Peace Action), Igor Seke and Petar Milicevic, and others. (*only where a group/organisation is named on its own are the responses that of the group/organisation)

Hilal Demir, for the cover design

Jessica Metheringham, Michèle Brock, Graham Everett, and Jenny McCarthy for proofreading the final draft

Javier Garate for the help with the layout

The Right to Refuse to Kill Committee for their general advice and support

and Bertha-von-Suttner Stiftung (DVG-VK), Fraktionsverein die Linke, Geneva Quaker Meeting Social Appeals Committee, GEW HV (Germany), Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, and Sebastian Cobler Stiftung, for contributing to the funding of the 2012 Countering the Militarisation of Youth conference, which included an amount for the publication of this book.

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