Natan Blanc becomes Israel's most imprisoned CO, and is then released


Those of you on our CO-Alert email list will have been aware of the situation of Natan Blanc. After ten imprisonments, Israeli CO Natan Blanc was exempted from military service. The Israeli military's Exemption Committee declared Natan unfit for duty on 30th May, six months after he initially reported to the induction centre and declared his refusal.

Natan became gained the curious record of being the Israeli CO with the most imprisonements. If you would like to continue to express your solidarity with Natan, you will find his details here. You can send an email demanding that the Israeli authorities cease imprisoning COs here.

Natan's situation is also highlighted by the joint statement on conscientious objectors in the Middle East (view it here).

If you are interested in subscribing to our CO Alert list, which suggets actions when a CO faces persecution, you can join here:


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