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Small Actions, Big Movements: the Continuum of Nonviolence

We are extremely excited about WRI's next International Conference - the first in Africa - to be held in Cape Town, South Africa,

from 4th July - 8th July 2014. The conference is co-hosted by The Ceasefire Campaign.

Confirmed speakers for the opening plenary include Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Jenni Williams of Woman of Zimbabwe Arise. Across the four full days of the conference, theme groups - that have so often framed the work of WRI in the coming years - will focus on a range of topics, including civil resistance and 'people power' movements: beyond regime change, countering the militarisation of youth, daily violence (domestic violence, hate crimes, urban insecurity, etc...) and economic, poverty crises and militarism.

Take a look at plans for the programme here: /southafrica2014 (this page is also the place where updates on the conference will be posted). Excursions and WRI's Assembly will be held alongside this event, which will take place in Cape Town City Hall.

This conference is not just an event, but part of a process, to learn from, and support, the African Nonviolence and Peacebuilding Network, formed at the African Nonviolence Trainer’s Exchange in Johannesburg, July 2012 - an exchange initiated by WRI with others.

Full registration is coming soon. In the mean time, you can pre-register here: /PreRegister2014

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