Queer and antimilitarism is the theme of this Broken Rifle, and we hope this will create some debate within WRI and beyond. Most articles have been written especially for this issue, with the exception of Tamara K Nopper's article on Don't Ask Don't Tell, which we republish from Against Equality: Don’t Ask to Fight Their Wars. Don't Ask Don't Tell was finally repealed in December 2010, but this does not make her arguments less important.

Alvine Anderson presents eight arguments why antimilitarism needs queer - queer people and a queer analysis. Miles Tanhira follows from this arguing that war resistance needs to be an integral part of a queer struggle, and the recent events in Zimbabwe show how threatened queer people and organisations are in an escalated conflict.
Pelao Carvallo uses the language and analysis of queer to look at the situation in Paraguay after the ousting of President Fernando Lugo during a parliamentary coup in June.
Yu Min-Seok describes the problems queers and conscientious objector face in South Korea, and links both to masculinity. And Tomato explores the discrimination she as a lesbian faced in the struggle against a new naval base on Jeju island. Finally, Ali Erol describes the difficult choices gays face in Turkey when they are confronted with compulsory military service.

These articles show that there is a range of queer perspectives when it comes to militarism or military service, and there is not always an easy answer. But they also show how important and beneficial it might be for antimilitarists to take on a queer perspective when analysing militarism. As Alvine Anderson writes: "Actively working to make our movements inclusive does not just make us a larger movement, it makes room for more perspectives and experiences and makes us more creative and effective in our work against militarism."

Andreas Speck

Thanks also to Mr. Fish and Against Equality for lots of the images.

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