Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers, Decision Case No 21 against Turkey - Osman Murat Ülke


Interim resolutions: CM/ResDH(2007)109 ; CM/ResDH(2009)45

DD(2009)556; DD(2010)107, DH-DD(2011)600


The Deputies

1. noted that, in response to the question raised by the Committee at the 1128th meeting (December 2011) (DH), the Turkish authorities stated that there was a valid arrest warrant against the applicant for desertion;

2. noting that the Court’s judgment leaves no scope for any new arrest of the applicant related to issues that have been dealt with in the judgment, strongly urged the Turkish authorities to withdraw the arrest warrant or in the alternative to find another solution in order to erase the consequences of the violation for the applicant;

3. noted with concern that no information had been provided with regard to the general measures required to execute this judgment;

4. strongly urged the Turkish authorities to provide information to the Committee in writing and in good time before the 1144th meeting (June 2012) (DH) regarding the withdrawal of the applicant’s arrest warrant or an alternative solution allowing the erasure of the consequences of the violation, and a clear time-table for the adoption of the general measures envisaged to execute the judgment.


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Related peace activist(s): Osman Murat Ülke
Related peace activist(s): Osman Murat Ülke