Concluding Observations: Turkmenistan


Human Rights Committee
104th session
New York, 12–30 March 2012

Consideration of reports submitted by States parties under article 40 of the Covenant

Concluding observations of the Human Rights Committee



16. The Committee is concerned that the Conscription and Military Service Act, as amended on 25 September 2010, does not recognize a person’s right to exercise conscientious objection to military service and does not provide for any alternative military service. The Committee regrets that due to this law, a number of persons belonging to the Jehovah’s Witness have been repeatedly prosecuted and imprisoned for refusing to perform compulsory military service (art. 18).

The State party should take all necessary measures to review its legislation with a view to providing for alternative military service. The State party should also ensure that the law clearly stipulates that individuals have the right to conscientious objection to military service. Furthermore, the State party should halt all prosecutions of individuals who refuse to perform military service on grounds of conscience and release those individuals who are currently serving prison sentences.



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