War starts here - Newsletter No 2


This is a newsletter for the international peacecamp “War starts here” in Luleå, Sweden the 22nd to 29th of july 2011.


1. Military tank painted pink
2. Show your support
3. Join the resistance
4. Register to aid preparations and planning
5. The mobilisation continues

1. Military tank painted pink

Inspiration for this summers mass action! The 20th of april, Ofog painted a military tank in the city of Umeå pink. Wonderful pictures of the improved tank can be seen on the website and the action has gotten a lot of attention in local media.

“The military relies on patriarchal structures and attitudes. We use the color pink to resist these structures and make the tank unusable in military activities”, Ofog says in a press release and encourages to more pink-painting during the summers peacecamp.

Se the pictures here: http://www.warstartshere.com/en/tank

2. Show your support

War starts here demands that Sweden stops contributing to war. You can now show your support for War starts here directly at the website. There you can also tell us if you're coming to the camp this summer, and see who else is coming. Together we show that we do not accept that war starts here or any other place!

Show your support here: http://www.warstartshere.com/en/support

3. Join the resistance

Right now we need more people in the “solidarity-group”. The solidarity group takes care of everything legal during, before and after the camp. Both people with legal knowledge and others are needed! Contact info@ofog.org

The seminary-group could also need som more helping hands. This group coordinate the big seminar that will take place the first weekend of the camp. Contact: cattis@riseup.ner

Other working-groups that you can get involved in are the facts-group, the PR-group, logistics, the mass-action-group and the mobilisation-group. Contact info@ofog.org

4. Register to aid preparations and planning

You do not have to register to join the peacecamp, but it helps us in planning and preparations if you tell us that you're coming. At the website you can use a form to tell us if you have special needs or preferences for sleeping or accessibility. In the same form you can also tell us if there's something special that you would like to help out with during the camp, or if you have material you think can be of use.

Register here: http://www.warstartshere.com/en/register

Also don't forget to tell us that you're coming at the event on Facebook:

5. The mobilisation continues

A couple of weeks ago Ofog went to Hamburg and met with German feminist antimilitarists. In a couple of weeks we'll take the ferry to Finland to talk about War starts here with Finnish conscientious objectors. Last week Ofog held a action-workshop at “the collective forum” in Göteborg and a non-violence-workshop in Umeå. This weekend we will attend the first-of-may-demonstrations across the country to show how the antimilitaristic struggle is a nessisary part of the struggle against all forms of oppression.

Do you want Ofog to hold a workshop or discussion at your school/workplace/culture house/festival? Contact us.

Take a look in the calendar: http://www.warstartshere.com/en/calendar

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