War Starts Here - Newsletter #6


This is the newsletter for the international actioncamp War starts here in Luleå, Sweden, 22-29th of July 2011


1. Camping for Peace
2. Programme for the week
3. Working groups at the camp

1. Camping for Peace

The location for the camp site during War starts here is now booked. At the camp there will be plenty of room for tents, and for those who want a real bed to sleep in there are cottages and double rooms.

Most workshops will be held at the camp site, and food will be served within walking distance. In the evenings those who want gather around the campfires!

At the website you can read about the camp site and other places we have booked for eating, meetings, workshops and seminars. There is also information about transportation and how to get around in Luleå.

Read more: http://warstartshere.com/en/logistics

2. Programme for the week

The program for the camp is starting to get ready. International seminars, humour-, music-, media- and action-workshops, mini-peace-festival with live bands, days under the themes of "climate" and "migration", mass action ...

Read more: http://warstartshere.com/en/actioncamp

3. Working groups at the camp

During War starts here a number of groups will work together to make sure that the camp runs smoothly. The following groups are in need of people:

* Infopoint: staff the infopoint, responsible for the overall communication and program during the camp
* Before or after the camp: There's a lot of things that needs to be done before the camp, like cooking, preparing the seminars or building the campsite. After the end of the camp there's also need for people who can stay a bit longer.
* Volunteers to the seminars: host for the school where the seminars will be, sound engineer, people documenting and presenting the programme
* Cooking: The people's kitchen "Automat" organizes the cooking, but volunteers are needed to cook and wash dishes
* Children: Organizes children's activities and look after children

All working groups can be found at the website. If you want to be involved in any of them, inform Ofog by register for camp.

Read more: http://warstartshere.com/en/working-groups

Programmes & Projects

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