War Starts Here - Newsletter #5


This is the newsletter for the international actioncamp War starts here in Luleå, Sweden, 22-29th of July 2011


1. Inspiration for the peacecamp - more pink actions!
2. The Incredible Peace Machine
3. The Swedish War Map
4. Portraits of Resistance
5. Posters and newspapers - help us spread them
6. More and more people tell us they're coming

1. Inspiration for the peace camp - more pink actions!

At the mass action on July 26th, we will use the color pink to mark the military airport at NEAT as one of the cornerstones of the global war machinery. Together we form a solid voice that calls for an end to all the violent expressions of militarism.

The last couple of months people in Sweden have started to paint locations were war starts pink. The latest additions are canons in Karlskoga and tanks outside of Stockholm.

Read more about these actions and see photos here:

All you need to know for the mass action against NEAT on July 26 can be found here:

2. The Incredible Peace Machine

Ofog has built a peace-machine! It is also a commercial for the action-camp in Luleå this summer, where we continue the struggle.

See the film here: http://warstartshere.com/en/incredible-peace-machine

3. The Swedish War Map

As a first step of stopping wars where they start, War starts here is working on exposing militarism and war industry in Sweden and other places. We have created a "war map", and on it we mark the places where war starts. Everything from advertising agencies that make the armed forces recruitment campaigns, to the major arms companies are included.

The map is only in swedish so far, but no-swedish-speakers can probably understand it as well. Take a look at the map, be shocked and then inspired for resistance!

The map can be found here:

4. Portraits of resistance

Each week we publish "portraits" of inspiring people that are coming to War Starts Here this summer. Recent portraits include:

Majken Sørensen, researcher on humour as a method for social change. "With careful planning, humour can be a way of confronting oppression, such as militarism, in a way which it is difficult for the military, authorities or arms producers to respond to."

See the portrait here: http://warstartshere.com/en/blog/portrait-resistance-majken-sorensen

Anna-Linnea Rundberg, the People's Campaign against nuclear power. "The sooner we can get away from finite resources, the sooner we will get rid of militarism. You don't see anyone fighting over the wind, do you?"

See the portrait here: http://warstartshere.com/en/blog/portrait-resistance-anna-linnea-rundbe…

Hilal Demir, active in War Resisters International. "Militarism can be described as a system which has a tool; organized violence. And it needs patriarchy, gender roles and discrimination to exist within society."

See the portrait here: http://www.warstartshere.com/en/blog/portrait-resistance-hilal-demir

5. Posters and newspapers - help us to spread them

Posters for the camp, and specifically for the mass action on July 26th, are now ready. We also made a cool newspaper in 4000 copies, with articles on global militarism, inspiration for resistance and practical information for the camp. The posters and newspapers are in swedish only.

Contact us at info@ofog.org if you want posters or newspapers to hand out, in your organisation, at your local café, at the festival you're going to...

The posters and newspapers can be found as pdf's here (page in swedish):

6. More and more people tell us they're coming

A few new organizations - such as "Climate Justice Action" based in Denmark and the German "Aktion Gewaltfreie Atom Waffen Abschaffen" - have announced that they will have representatives at War Starts Here. Please let us know if your organisation will be represented! Participating organizations are available here:

An increasing number of people also tell us they are coming through the Facebook-event. If you haven't already accepted an invitation - do it here (and don't forget to invite your friends!):

You can also show your support by uploading a picture and a quote at the website (or just watch the other images that have appeared so far). Show your support here:

Finally, you can register for the camp by filling out a form at the website. You don't have to register to come, but it helps the planning and by register you can inform us if you have any special needs. Register here:

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