War starts here - let's stop it here!


Luleå, Sweden, July 22-29, 2011

International seminar: July 23rd - 24th

Day of Action: July 26th

WRI Council Meeting: July 19-21, 2011


Northern Sweden as a training ground for war

Europe's largest overland military test range is called North European Aerospace Testrange (NEAT) and is situated in the north of Sweden. The area, that covers 24 000 square kilometers, is used for testing missiles, combat aircrafts and unmanned aerial vehicles. In the summer of 2010 the U.S. Air Forces in Europe used it to practice bomb dropping, and last year Nato Response Force used the area for Nato's largest air exercise that year.

War starts here

That war is unavoidable or necessary is a pure lie, and that war is something that happens far away is also a lie. Wars that are being fought in Afghanistan and Iraq are trained and prepared for right here. Today's advanced technology is used to maximize the damage on the ground while at the same time minimizing the risk of the attacker.

Let's stop it here!

Whenever and wherever wars are being prepared and trained for, we need to stop them. Wars start here, and therefore we can stop them here. We invite you, your grandmother, your summer flirt and everyone else you can think of, to an international camp against militarism taking place in Luleå (Northern Sweden) and it's surroundings from July 22-29, 2011. The camp will include a seminar about resisting war July 23-24, and a day of action against NEAT July 26.


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