War Resisters’ International Statement on the Murder of Nigeria’s Chidi Nwosu


We, members of War Resisters’ International (WRI), express our profound horror and deep sadness at the torture and murder of Nigerian pacifist, Chidi Nwosu, founder and president of the Human Rights, Justice and Peace Foundation, affiliate member of WRI. Nwosu, a lifetime human rights activist and promoter of nonviolent social change, was brutally assassinated in his home on December 29th, 2010.

WRI, a pacifist network with 90 affiliates in 40 countries, recognizes that this is the first time in its 90-year history that the founder and president of an affiliate member has been murdered.

WRI demands a prompt and complete investigation into the circumstances of Nwosu´s death, the immediate interrogation of suspects in custody, and the public release of autopsy results. In the name of Chidi Nwosu, we will not be silent until there are truly comprehensive findings bringing Nwosu´s assailants to justice. His life work building movements for peace and human needs demands nothing less.

A pioneer in the fight against Nigerian government corruption, police brutality, recent escalations in kidnappings, and rampant poverty, Nwosu´s legacy cannot be underestimated. A committed and courageous campaigner for fair and free elections in Nigeria, this atrocious murder will send chills through the movement for government and corporate accountability, and the push for democratic rights. Nwosu´s death is intended to send a clear message to activists working for change War
Resisters' International holds out its heart and hands to the people of Nigeria who remain steadfast in the fight against violence and injustice.

We at WRI, while relentless in our cause to struggle for justice for our comrade Chidi Nwosu, will neither be shaken nor disheartened. We remain inspired by Nwosu´s fervor and determined mission to end war, and the root causes of war, nonviolently.

Please join us as remember Chidi Nwosu. We demand that a timely, complete, and independent investigation into Nwosu´s murder be conducted, with reports directly to Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and Inspector General of Police Hafiz Ringim. Nwosu´s strength and passion for a better world, his lifetime conviction that a few people can make lasting change, have taught us that we can.

Thank you.
WRI Executive, January 25, 2011

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