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Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle analyses the Chávez regime from an antiauthoritarian Venezuelan perspective. It debunks claims made by Venezuelan and U.S. rightists that the Chávez government is dictatorial, as well as claims made by Venezuelan and U.S. leftists that the Chávez government is revolutionary. Instead the book argues that the Chávez regime is one of a long line of Latin American populist regimes that - "revolutionary" rhetoric aside - ultimately have been subservient to the United States as well as to multinational corporations. The book concludes by explaining how Venezuela's autonomous social, labour, and environmental movements have been systematically disempowered by the Chávez regime, but that despite this they remain the basis of a truly democratic, revolutionary alternative.

Rafael Uzcátegui
See Sharp Press, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-884365-77-5
Publication date: January 2011
Orders: £11.00 + postage

Conscientious objectors are generally seen as male — as are soldiers. This book breaks with this assump­tion. Women conscientiously object to mili­tary service and militarism. Not only in countries which conscript women — such as Eritrea and Israel — but also in coun­tries without conscription of women. In doing so, they redefine antimilitarism from a feminist perspec­tive, opposing not only militarism, but also a form of antimilitarism that creates the male conscientious objector as the ‘hero’ of antimilitarist struggle.

This anthology includes contributions by women conscientious objectors and activists from Britain, Colombia, Eritrea, Israel, Paraguay, South Korea, Turkey, and the USA, plus documents and state­ments.

Published by: War Resisters' International
Edited by Ellen Elster and Majken Jul Sørensen
Preface by Cynthia Enloe
ISBN 978-0-903517-22-5. 152 pages.
Publication date: April 2010
Orders: £8.00 plus postage

Social change doesn't just happen. It's the result of the work of committed people striving for a world of justice and peace. This work gestates in groups or cells of activists, in discussions, in training sessions, in reflecting on previous experiences, in planning, in experimenting and in learning from others. Preparing ourselves for our work for social justice is key to its success.
There is no definitive recipe for successful nonviolent actions and campaigns. This handbook, however, is a series of resources that can inspire and support your own work, especially if you adapt the resources to your own needs and context.
This handbook has been a collaborative effort of people working in nonviolence within the WRI network from Australia, Belgium, Britain, Colombia, Chile, Germany, Italy, Israel, South Korea, Scandinavia, Spain, Turkey, and the USA.

Published by: War Resisters' International
ISBN: 978-0-903517-21-8
Orders: £5.00 + postage

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