Maikel Nabil: I’m Still Boycotting the Military Judicature and I Bear the Consequences


History repeats itself, the same way I objected to compulsory military service last year, this year I boycott litigation before the military officers.

Mr Officers… I say Mr Officers and not Mr Judge, because the judge before anything has to have the characteristic of independence, whereas military officers are a branch of the executive authority. That’s why you are an officer, not a judge, no matter what names, titles or descriptions you were called.

Our revolution had been in defense of freedom, justice and rights. We offered sacrifices before the revolution and after it, for endorsing the state of law. I am a civilian person, I refuse to be tried before a military judicature or any other exceptional judicature, even any judicature lacking independence. I refuse to be tried for my beliefs or my opinions, or that settling of accounts be done with me for the same of fascist Intelligence agencies, which don’t respect rights.

We had hoped that the army stands beside and support our revolution… But, unfortunately the army chose to oppress our revolution and to fight and oppress revolutionaries… For that, we, as soldiers of freedom and the homeland, should refuse that and to announce our solidarity with all captivated revolutionaries, either civilians or militarists.

Mr Officer, remember that history remembers Nelson Mandela, Anwar Sadat, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Martin Luther King, and it doesn’t remember the judges who sentenced all of them to prison. Also, remember that when civilians reached the authority in Turkey, they sentenced to prison on all of them. Remember also that when civilians reached authority in Turkey, they punished militarists who have become brutal against democracy. Revolutionaries never forget.

Prisons, annoyances, persecutions, threats and all what I am subjected to along with my family and my honorable colleagues. The army has to choose between joining the revolution and reconcile with it, or to move forward in violations till the wave which we never wished for comes.

Maikel Nabil Sanad
After 215 days in prison
and 70 days on a hunger strike

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