Kuwait: another attempt to reintroduce conscription?


Back in March 2009 we reported that the Kuwaiti government was planning to reintroduce conscription in Kuwait, after it had been suspended in 2001 (see CO-Update No 45, February/March 2009). Back then we reported that a draft conscription law should be passed by parliament by the end of 2009. This did not happen. The discussion resurfaced in summer 2010 (see CO-Update 58, August 2010), and it seems now a new law reintroducing conscription will be enacted shortly. Draft legislation was submitted to parliament recently.

According to the draft law, Kuwaiti men aged between 20 to 30 years will have to serve between six months and one year in the Army. Students, only sons and members of the diplomatic community will be exempted from enlistment. The aim of the soon-to-be-enforced law is to encourage Kuwaitis to help meet the Defense Ministry's requirements to defend the country against external aggression.

Source: Kuwait Times: Kuwait plans compulsory military conscription, 21 August 2011; GulfNews: Kuwait to suspend and review military conscription, 20 June 2001


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