With this issue we celebrate our 30th issue of War Profiteers' News, we have a special issue focusing on the upcoming international seminar: War Profiteering and Peace Movement Responses, that WRI is organising together with the European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT). In these 30 issues of War Profiteers' News, the newsletter has reported on new developments on war profiteering and highlighted the work of groups around the world against this deadly business. Many people have contributed to these issues, helping us to connect different people struggling against war profiteering.

In WRI we are very much looking forward to the seminar in Barcelona. This is an initiative we think is long overdue, to have a gathering of people working against war profiteering from different regions. We thank our friends in ENAAT who also thought that such an initiative was important and have teamed up with us to organise this important event. In this newsletter we present some of the topics that will be worked on at the seminar. Apart from the important content of the seminar covered in a packed programme, the bigger contribution of such an event is making new contacts between people, where people can find the face behind an email or someone new with whom to collaborate. We expect the seminar to come up with concrete proposals on how to continue working together among the different groups and network, to build a truly global network against war profiteering.

The newsletter brings other stories apart from the seminar. The War Profiteer of the Month, Clarion Events, is the organiser of the DSEi arms fair in London, as well as of six other arms fairs around the world. As we get ready for another year of mobilisation against DSEi, it is good to highlight the role that the organisers of an arms fair play, providing the conditions for new arms deals to take place and for arms companies to publicize their new equipment. The Campaign of the Month is the call for a military embargo to Israel, an important effort initiated by the Palestinian BDS National Committee and which several organisations and networks have supported. We welcomed this effort, in particular the effort to unite different organisations in this work. The case of the Israeli arms trade will be a key topic at the Barcelona seminar, don't miss it!

Javier Gárate

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