Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review: Eritrea





79. In the course of the discussion, the following recommendations were made to Eritrea. These recommendations will be examined by Eritrea, which will provide responses in due time. The response of Eritrea to these recommendations will be included in the outcome report to be adopted by the Human Rights Council at its thirteenth session:


54. Take all necessary measures to protect the human rights, dignity and physical integrity of female members of the armed forces through an awareness-raising campaign, and also by taking firm judicial and disciplinary action against perpetrators (Austria);

55. Undertake all necessary measures to stop sexual exploitation and violence against women in the armed forces (Slovenia);

56. Take all possible measures to prevent the recruitment and torture or cruel and degrading treatment by the police and military of children (Germany);

57. Make means available to give effect to the norm which raises the minimum age for military service and guarantees that minors not be subjected to any treatment that violates fundamental human rights and that they be ensured the right not to do their military service (Argentina);

58. Respect the provisions of the Proclamation on National Service and immediately end the practice of indefinitely extending military service (Canada);

59. Recognize the right to conscientious objection to military service and reinstate the alternative civilian national service (Slovenia);

60. Consider ending the practice of indefinite national service and begin a process of phased demobilization for those who have served for more than the statutory 18 months (United Kingdom);

61. Look to ensure the avoidance of national service conscripts being used as forced labour for private enterprises and to end the recruitment of children under the age of 18 into military service and training (United Kingdom);

62. Curb abuses of Eritrean citizens in the national service programme, pass and enforce a comprehensive anti-trafficking statute, and cease the conscription of children into military services (United States );

63. Take effective measures to eradicate underage recruitment (under 18), to elaborate programmes for protection of children from torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and to provide independent access to physical and psychological recovery, social reintegration and compensation for victims of armed conflicts (Poland);

64. Make a concerted effort to prevent the use of child soldiers in its recurrent armed conflict (Ghana);




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