No to War – No to NATO

Activist Conference, Lisbon, 16/17 October 2010

The No to War – No to NATO Activist Conference will be embedded in the con­ference of the Portuguese organisation “CULTRA”. The CULTRA conference will take place at ISCTE (Instituto Superior de Ciên­cias do Trabalho e da Em­presa) of the University of Lisbon. The Activist Conference will take place at Associação Caboverdeana, Rua Duque de Palmela, nº2, 8º andar.

The following conference schedule is a combined schedule of the two events.

Saturday, 16/10

10.00-13.00: Participating in the CULTRA Event against NATO

14.00-21.00: Start of the Activist Conference of the ICC/PAGAN

14.00-15.30: Overview Lecture: NATO and EU, Willy Meyer

Where We Stand – Where We Want to Go: Actions during the Counter Summit

Information and Discussion

16.00-20.00: Working Groups:

  • Counter Summit Mobili­sa­tion (Tobias Pflüger, Vitor Lima)
  • Civil Disobedience (Andreas Speck, NN Portugal)
  • Media Work (Ricardo Robles, Arielle Denis, Kristine Karch)
  • Square of Peace (NN Portugal)

Sunday, 17/10

10.00-13.00: Participating in the CULTRA Event

13.00-16.00: Activist Conference

13.00-14:30: Information Meeting of the ICC: Where Do We Stand with the Prep­a­ration of Anti-Nato Actions

Introduction: Reiner Braun, Ricardo Robles

15.00-16.00: Reports and Decisions

prepared by Reiner Braun, Arielle Denis, NN CND, NN Portugal

16.30-18.30: Participation in the Final Event of the CULTRA Conference:

Beyond NATO, Francisco Louçã, Tarik Ali, Ignacio Ramonet, Gilbert Achcar

For further information about and to apply to participate in the Activist Conference, please contact us at:

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Map for Activist Conference

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