‘Haga que pase’: Make it happen!


‘Haga que pase’: Make it happen! The short documentary 'Mi FinK' shows the process of community organization and resistance. This participatory action arose in the face of vulnerability to losing the land: one of the few things that keep the community united and free. Since the abolition of slavery in Colombia, the land has sustained the food supply and the economy of the Afrodescendant people of Villa Rica. Today the sugar companies dominate the area, planting sugar cane as a monoculture, thereby forcing out the traditional small farms of the region. Some families are resisting this eviction and the loss of their livelihoods. As a result, the life of Jota, one of the community leaders, is being threatened. Persons as yet unidentified have accused him of subversion, a very dangerous accusation in Colombia, and warned him against working for his community.

As a way of protecting ourselves and to highlight these problems, we have made the documentary Mi Fink, and the music CD. We have also organized a tour of Latin America and Europe, to let the world know what is going on, so that we will not be alone on the path thatwe have chosen, towards freedom for our community.

Jota Ramos - London, 2010


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