EU Member States ”downplaying” rules on arms exports


A network of NGOs has published a list of questionable arms export practices by EU states, including corruption, arms sales to human rights abusers and exports that fuel conflict in the developing world.
EU States pride themselves on taking the global lead in controlling the trade in conventional weapons, but new evidence suggests they are failing to live up to the obligations set by their own agreed rules. These rules state that governments must refuse to allow the export of military equipment where it might contribute to human rights violations or breaches of international humanitarian law, or undermine peace and security or sustainable development.
The research suggests that some EU states are downplaying EU rules and national laws when they believe there is economic or political advantage to be gained from large arms deals. There would also appear to be a worrying lack of consensus amongst EU States as regards what actually constitutes a responsible arms transfer.

Copies of the report can be found at:


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